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Creating social media branding could be a little bit hard. Lots of things you should decide. Don't worry, we can make it very easily, you are not alone.
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Socıal Medıa – Brandıng

You open an instagram page for your company, and your friends start to follow you. One, two, three, ten, hundred followers. Then they stop. No one is coming anymore. You post everyday, you post a story, reels, you do everything. You use hashtags, but nothing is happening. You cannot find more followers. Your posts don’t get so many likes. Your competitors have thousands of followers, every post of theirs gets hundreds of likes. But you have not. You do something wrong but what? Come, send me an email, say hi, and let’s have a cup of coffee. We will find your voice, we will find your customers, we will increase your social existing, together!