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About This Project

We will face the importance of ecommerce. Everyone starts their own business and tries to figure out how to deal with this environment. Mostly they made wrong choices and regretted that. After making some decisions it is hard to change them. And there are lots, lots, lots of things to decide. It starts the domain, hosting, analysis tools, ads, UX, theme, contact form blanks etc. I can count on you much more. And if you decide one thing in the wrong way, changing it is hard and everything is so complicated and then you will lose again. 

I will help you begin to end this process. Starting the domain provider, hosting, URL structure, category trees everything. As a project based, I work with you like inhouse, prepare your roadmap, realistic deadline and budgets.
If you think about starting an online business, just send me an email, and let’s get a cup of coffee 🙂

Home Products, Retail